We Donate!

We want everyone to know that we care about animals and our pets. That is why we have decided to donate $1.00 per shirt to the ASPCA on a quarterly basis. This will be an ongoing effort but we would really like to get a large donation for the ASPCA this holiday season.

Place your orders now and know that you are helping to end hunger for pets.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at msischo@sillyteeshirts.com

Michael Sischo


Silly Tee Shirts 

 April 23rd 2017 -

Donation made to ASPCA for $25.00. 

 Click Here to view the donation.

January 2nd 2017 -

  • Donation made to ASPCA for $25.00. Our store has only been open a short time and was not operational for a full quarter.