We All Have An Animal Lover In Our Lives.

We all have an animal lover in our lives. You know the type: obsessed with their cat or dog, and owns a hundred different cat or dog memorabilia. Those are the types of people that it's easy to shop for. They're often always thrilled with any type of cat or dog merchandise, and tee shirts and mugs often make for excellent gifts no matter who you're giving them too. That's why SillyTeeShirts.com is perfect for the pet lover in your life - especially if that pet lover is you!


SillyTeeShirts.com is a website that focuses on selling cat and dog themed shirts, with funny pictures of animals along with cute or funny sayings. But they don't only sell tee shirts! SillyTeeShirts.com, despite the name, also sells coffee mugs with funny and cute pictures and sayings on them, all revolving around cats and dogs. This website sells tee shirts and mugs that are geared towards both men and women, as well as cat lovers and dog lovers alike.


Each shirt is custom printed, and each print takes 2 to 7 days before they're shipped out. These shirts are all printed in the US, and all US shipping is absolutely free! Canada and Mexico shipping, as well as shipping elsewhere outside of the US, have varying flat rate shipping costs, since each tee shirt is custom printed and sent out for delivery. If for some reason your shirt doesn't fit, or the mug isn't exactly to your liking, you can return your order within 14 days for a 100% refund. You can even submit your own design if you can't find something that fits your pet-loving needs on the website.


SillyTeeShirts.com doesn't only see clothes and mugs geared towards pet lovers. The people behind the website are also animal lovers themselves. If you buy a tee shirt from SillyTeeShirts.com, then $1.00 will also be donated to the ASPCA. The money will be put away and the donations made on a quarterly basis to the ASPCA. In January of 2017 they were able to donate $25 to the ASPCA without even having been up and running for a full quarter! Not only will you get a cute T-Shirt or mug with a funny and relatable cat or dog saying on it, you'll also be helping feed animals in need. What's better than getting gifts and helping animals at the same time?


Although SillyTeeShirts.com is a newer company, they're already 100% dedicated to bringing you the funnier, sillier side of pet ownership through their tee shirt and mug designs. They are also committed to continuing to donate $1.00 for every tee shirt or mug that they sell, so that animals that have been neglected or abandoned continue to get the food and care that they deserve until they're able to find their forever home. The best thing about SillyTeeShirts.com is that they make the donation visible to everyone who visits the website, so you can be sure that they're sticking true to their word, and are committed to helping animals through their company.