Define Your Summer with SillyTees

Summer is the season that allows you to wear just about anything that you want to wear, except for winter clothing of course. It is the one season that you are bound to have a serious love-hate relationship with. Popsicles, ice-cream, rainbows and all of its colors all add to the beauty of summer.

Even though bikinis are the one clothing item that is synonymous to summer, the season also calls for cool t-shirts and great denims. Considering the fact that fashion is continuously evolving, there are some things that don’t go out of style, such as cute graphic t-shirts. Here is a list of things you should consider before you buy a t-shirt:

1.      Material

Just like in the case of any other clothing item, you should be extra careful when picking out a t-shirt. The material of the shirt matters a lot and should give you an idea of whether or not it would be durable in the long run. Materials such as breathable cotton are the best for t-shirts. SillyTees are all made with exceptional quality cotton.

2.      Quality

The quality of your t-shirt should be the kind to make heads turn, while just as comfortable enough to be casual as well. Such t-shirts are difficult to come across, but definitely help you make a statement. You should also notice that if the quality of your clothes isn’t nice, they are likely to rip easily.

3.      Print

Printed t-shirts are a total game changer. You can have anything from your own name to some symbolical design printed and it is bound to look awesome, as long as you pay attention to the color-coordination. At SillyTees, you can find a vast variety of amazing t-shirts with different prints that you will totally adore, especially if you are a friend of furry cuties. Our line ranges from printed t-shirts featuring cats, dogs and even rabbits!

4.      Color

Probably the most important feature of all, when buying clothes, is the color. While black and white make great casual t-shirts, colored T-shirts deserve some love as well. Choosing a color combination that impresses the eye can really help you stand out among all your friends at any gathering. If you are unsure or don’t know much about color combinations, then play it safe with colors such as white prints on red, or black with pretty much any color.  

Regardless of anything, shirts are a daily part of our lives, and here, at SillyTees, we are well aware of that. That is why we only mix and match with colors that we know will look great; the prints of our furry friends are loved by all.

We Donate!

At a time like this, wouldn’t it be so much better to donate to a cause, especially one that funds organizations such as ASPCA? That’s what we thought! This is the reason why our brand actively donates a percentage of our earnings for the benefit of our furry friends over at ASPCA.